The cafe opens its door wide to all who want a healthy meal. And if you’re able to pay for your meal and pay it forward, you can still grab lunch, and volunteer your time to help others. Believing in a dignified exchange as a way of life, if you are unable to pay, you can exchange an hour of work for your meal.  Drop in any time to work and you can have a healthy and delicious meal.  See our greater and let them know you’d like to work an hour in exchange for one meal. For those that want to serve in community service, we ask you help us for at least three hours in order to receive a meal.


Volunteer Positions We will do our very best to keep you in your requested position, however there may be times when we ask volunteers to help out in other areas as the need arises.

  • Food Servers-Serving food on the buffet line, refilling the buffet line and drink station. Please wear hat, closed toe shoes. We will provide apron and gloves.
  • Dishwasher-Wash, dry and restock dishes, pots and pans. Bring bus pans to dish room. Must wear closed toe shoes and hat.
  • Food Prep-Help prepare required ingredients for daily menu. We prefer that you have some kitchen experience and have worked at least one dishwashing shift before signing up for prep cook. Closed toe shoes and hat required.
  • Daily Set-up-Prepare the cafe to open by completing daily opening tasks.
  • Daily Breakdown Crew-Cleaning up and putting things away after we close for the day.
  • Event | Project Tasks-Other event|project tasks such as working in our community garden, fundraising and various administrative tasks.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us at comeunitycafejackson@gmail.com.


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